inHarmony Sound Lounge


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The inHarmony Sound Lounge instantly soothes your busy mind and relaxes your entire body using sound frequencies. Four tactile transducers, two amplifiers, Sennheiser HD noise reduction headphones, and concert quality cables are used to deliver powerful sound to your ears and body, making you feel amazing!

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Sound Frequencies You Can Hear & Feel

You will feel the same frequencies your brain hears. Four wired transducers work together to transform your body into a speaker and their frequencies synchronize with the headphones’ to create an immersive 3-dimensional audio experience.


Soft, Contoured, Ultra-Comfortable Design

Its wave-like design and soft foam top contours to your body, putting you in a comfortable neutral posture position. Your joints and muscles are unloaded, leaving you feeling weightless, secure, and peaceful.


Plug in Any of Your Audio Devices

The 3.5mm adaptor allows you to freely connect any device you can play audio from.


Lightweight & Foldable

InHarmony Sound Lounge is easily portable. You can bring the therapeutic power of sound and vibration wherever you go, thanks to its folding design. The cover can be cleaned with a mild cleanser, essential oils or mild soap and water.


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