The BioMat 7000 MX mat is a registered FDA Medical device making it suitable for use in hospitals and therapeutic clinics. Benefits recognized by the FDA include temporary relief of: minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm / minor sprains, minor strains / minor muscular back pain, relaxation of muscles and temporary increase of local circulation.

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(FIR) Far-Infrared Therapy Data

The following are excerpts of citations made by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., Sand Key Company, Inc., P.O. Box 40101, Sarasota, FL 34242 touting the benefits of FIR therapy as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical treatments of many disorders. This may be submitted to the Insurance Provided as additional information necessary to make a determination as to the viability of the Biomat as a treatment.

1) Researchers from Columbia School of Public Health in New York report that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environment (Perera).

2) Likewise, thousands of scientific papers and books document how environmental chemicals obtained through our air, food, and water can trigger every disease known to man and even the serious “undiagnosable “, “untreatable” diseases which have no label (Kaloyanova, EPA, Arlien-Soborg, Repetto, Casarett, Sullivan).

3) And the mechanisms of how unavoidable environmental chemicals, cause disease are well-described (Schook, Halliwell, Halsted, Liebman, Bemis, Steventon, Betarbet, Brucker, Kohn, Piscator, Baldi, Arnold, Howdeshel1, Colburn, Wiseman, Wartenberg, Birnbaum, Siblerud, Bigazzi, Packer).

4) Further research shows that environmental pollutants are so ubiquitous that there’s no place on earth to escape them, not even at the polar ice caps. Even the breast milk of nursing Arctic women have been found to be dangerously high in, for starters, PCBs and mercury (Muckle, Perskey, Abe, Gnandjean, Weisglas-Kuperus).

5) Furthermore, EPA studies of breath analyses of New Jersey residents show 93% harbor perchloroethylene in their bodies, 89% had benzene (a known cause of leukemia), and 29% were exhaling carcinogenic trichloroethylene, in addition to numerous other carcinogens (Wallace). In fact there are no longer any oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, animals in the wild nor humans on the face of the earth that do not harbor detectable levels of potent carcinogens and other disease-producing environmental chemicals (U.S. EPA 1984,1987, Rogers).

6) The governments EPA studies of hundreds of Americans have shown 100% of fat human biopsies reveal styrene, dioxin, xylene, dichlorobenzene and more (U.S. EPA, 1984, 1987). Most of these are carcinogen; and can mimic any symptoms imaginable.

7) As well, the EPA and other researchers have been startled by the amounts of phthalates or plasticizers in humans that are potent environmental hormone disruptors, again mimicking a multitude of endocrine diseases as well as triggering cancers (Blount, Jones, Raloff).

8) Whether one studies heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, volatile organic hydrocarbons or other xenobiotics, research studies and toxicology textbooks confirm that these very same chemicals can produce any disease from cardiac disease, autoimmune, recurrent infections, allergies, and cancer, to endocrine and neurologic diseases, congenital defects, low I.Q., thyroiditis, and every disease of every organ and system in between (Steingraber, Colburn, Baker, Pavia, Colon, Rea, Ashford, Gupta, Osius, Waalkes, Kipling, Visser, Hoyer, Peters, U.S. Department Health Human Services, Lieberman, U.S. EPA, 1983, Pelletier, Solonen 1995, 2000, Crinnion, Sood, Sug, Enestrom, Fredericsson, Rier, Echeverria, Jobling, Schantz, Rogers).

9) When clinicians have been stumped or they have exhausted all that medicine has to offer, with their backs against the wall, they reversed recalcitrant medical conditions by getting these unavoidably ubiquitous chemicals out of the body. From drug addicts to firefighters, from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure, from undiagnosable neurologic problems and cognitive deficits to chemical sensitivities, the formula has been the same: get rid of the underlying environmental chemical causes that have stockpiled over a lifetime (Kilburn, Rea, Schnare 1984, 1986, Root, Roehm, Tretjak, Hubbard, Tei, Ikeda, Imainura).

10) Unfortunately, the modus operandi in medicine is to find a drug to turn off the damaged part that is producing symptoms. A simple, example is the prescription of calcium channel blockers, the number one drug used by cardiologists for angina, hypertension, congestive heart failure, or arrhythmia. But as with any drug, this does not fix anything that is broken. It merely poisons normal physiologic pathways, thereby forcing the chemistry in a direction that attenuates symptoms.

Since nothing has been done in terms of getting rid of the underlying cause, the disease continues. In addition, the missing fatty acids and minerals in the cell membranes that house the calcium channels are not identified and repaired. Nor are the sequestered membrane chemicals that caused the damage, like unavoidable PCBs and mercury, gotten rid of (Bemis). If this were not enough perpetuation and acceleration of damage, the side effects of drugs are not innocuous. For example, calcium channel blockers have been shown by MRI to cause definitive shrinkage of the brain and loss of brain function, a side effect rarely mentioned by clinicians or news media (Heckbert, Havlik).

11) Far more therapeutic and ethical is the Far Infrared Therapy as reported by Mayo Clinic researchers where they reversed hypertension, pulmonary wedge pressure, endothelial (arterial) dysfunction, and congestive heart failure (Tei, Ikeda, Imamura). This is particularly impressive since these patients had exhausted everything that medicine had to offer. And they are not candidates for a regular sauna, as temperature heat waves could increase their death rates.

12) Since studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association document how the practice guidelines for American medicine are made by physicians who receive compensation from the drug industry (Choudhry, JAMA 2002; 287: 612-617). In addition, so is the FDA, the very government regulatory body that approves drugs, riddled with advisers with financial ties to (and is heavily lobbied by) the very drug industry that is seeking its approval (Cauchon, Cohen, Epstein, Haley, Glenmullen, Breggin, Stelfox). And as the New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association warn, even the hired clinical investigators for new drugs may have their price (Bodenheimer, Chalmers, Freidberg, Angell).

13) Let’s return to congestive heart failure as our continuing example of a dead-end disease, since it kills more people in each year than cancer. The average person only lives five years once the diagnosis of congestive heart failure is made and is usually on well over $600 a month in medications alone, not to mention frequent doctor visits, x-rays, blood tests, and hospitalizations. There is literally nothing in medicine that reverses the process of congestive heart failure once it has started. Instead, progressively more medications are piled on, making the average survival less than cancer. Median survival for cancer is six years; median survival for congestive heart failure is five years. Furthermore, more people get congestive heart failure each year than get cancer. Contrast this bleak prognosis for congestive heart failure with the Mayo Clinic studies where pulmonary wedge pressure, shortness of breath, ability to discontinue medications and many other parameters of congestive heart failure improved with use of the far infrared therapy. In other words, it accomplished what no medication and no surgery could for a disease that is worse than cancer. Obviously not any old sauna will do, bemuse high heat is contraindicated and poorly tolerated by heart failure patients, and in fact is a cause of early death, as newspaper reports during heat waves testify. But because far infrared therapy provides safe, low temperature depuration through sweat of the very heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, plasticizers, and other environmental chemicals that caused the heart damage in the first place, it is successful. And in contrast to drugs, it has no side effects.